Thames Tributary Redhill Brook - Redhill

Thames Tributary Redhill Brook
The brook continued to flow south west

Post to the east Holmethorpe
Post to the south Redhill

Alpine Road
Home of Ronnie Biggs when he was initially arrested
Phoenix Centre. Closed Pupil Referral Unit

Budgen Drive
Budgen was the name of an early 20th Alderman – he was one of the family who set up the grocery chain and who originated from the Redhill area.

Claremont Road
East Surrey College. Sixth Form College

Frenches Road
Frenches is the name of a sub manor of Reigate
171-3 old cottages pre railway. Now gone and site of new housing
Burbridge brick and tiles works – an archway went under the railway to them
Frenches schools –built in an old sand pit in 1909. Site now redeveloped with housing
Grange – housing in the grounds of the police orphanage
St.Joseph's Convent. Ancient out buildings
Mineral water depot- in old farm buildings from Wiggie farm which was home of the Trower family. Demolished in the 1950s and became the site of the Foxboro-Yoxall factory
Trading Estate on the site of the Foxboro-Yoxall works. This was an American company which opened a works in Merton in 1934. They were instrument makers. They expanded to Kidbrooke, Wandsworth and then here in 1957, they also had an large sports and social club
Frenches Lodge. Plus old “tin church” hall

Gatton Brook
A small, partly culverted, watercourse running from the Gatton area towards the sand extraction site and lagoons.

Hanmere Close
East Surrey College. This is the site of the Provincial Police Orphanage opened by Miss Gurney in the late 19th. The Redhill Technical Institute dates from 1895. In 1937 it became a Technical College. In 1983 Redhill Technical College with the Reigate and Redhill School of Arts and Crafts it East Surrey College. In 2002 they relocated to this campus renamed Reigate School of Art, Design and Media.
Gatton Point south

Holmethorpe Avenue
Largely a trading estate area
British Wax Refining Co. 1913 a family firn which purifies Beeswax using original equipment

Ladbroke Road
St Joseph’s Church built here in 1967 as a replacement for a High Street church

Lake. This was the lake to Ladbroke House it was originally an ornamental canal

London Road
This road was not a turnpike which was to the west but it was built for the Prince Regent as a route to Brighton
Victoria Almshouses. The original almshouses in Reigate were built for Victoria’s diamond jubilee by public subscription.
Sutton and East Surrey Water company offices. Replaced early ivy covered building from the 1930s. The company dates from 1863
Holy Trinity Church. Built: 1906 by R H Mew. A granite foundation stone mentions Henry Brass the first Vicar. The church is in red brick with Bath Stone
The Department of Social Security, now in other use. This is on the site of Chigwell House.
Chigwell House used as the offices of the Ordnance Survey in the 1890s until 1913. During the First World War it used to house prisoners of war

Ormside way
Trading estate and Works

Trowers road
Trowers brickworks in this area pre-1914

Wiggie Lane
Wiggie manor and its gardens were bought by Foxboro Yoxhall in 1958 and demolished in 1977


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