Thames Tributary – River Mole - Flanchford Bridge

Thames Tributary – River Mole
The Mole continues to flow on a winding course in a north westerly direction. It is joined in thus section by the stream from Leigh from the south and by the Wallace brook from the north.

Post to the west Leigh Place
Post to the north Flanchford

Flanchford Road
Butlers Shaw
South of Butler's Shaw. This is a brick-built kiln in considerable disrepair.
Flanchford Mill. This is on the Wallace Brook near its confluence with the Mole. Watermill built mid 18th – the date of 1768 is on an internal wall. It has 15th foundations and a mill has been on this site since the 13th. It is a timber-frame building with replacement weatherboard - and unusual in that it is a wooden mill, a very common type of which few survive. It has a semi derelict breast-shot water-wheel from 1870. In the roof are six grain bins set between wooden staging, with the trap-doors for sacks. Inside much original machinery remains although some has collapsed-this includes: pit wheels, gearing, sack-hoist and flour grader. There were two pairs of millstones and one base stone survives in situ plus the wooden housing for another. It operated until the Second World War by which time the water supply was so unreliable that it could only be used in the winter. Building restored 1997.
Two cottages attached to the mill. 18th with 20th alterations. Built of red brick with brick chimney stacks.
Mill pond, used for breeding fish but it had become derelict and choked with weed after flood damage to the sluice.
Skeets Farm, the farm is on the watercourse from Leigh. Here called Skeets Brook
Burys Court. The house dates from 1876 and was built for Edward Charrington of the brewery. In 1930, it became a girls' school but in the Second World War was used by Lloyds Insurance, and then it became a hotel. In 1952 it was sold as private preparatory school and has changed hands through various educational entrepreneurs since. In 2005 it was sold to the current owners.
Moon Hall School, this is a charity which runs private schools for dyslexic children. One such school is at Bury’s court
Bury’s Court School. This is the prep (junior) school for dyslexic pupils.
Denshott Farm
Flanchford Bridge

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