Thames Tributary Redhill Brook - South Nutfield

Thames Tributary Redhill Brook
The Redhill Brook flows west – northwards and then southwards towards the Salfords Stream

Post to the east Nutfield Station

Post to the west Earlswood

Post to the south South Nutfield

Bowerhill Lane
Bower Hill
Bower Hill Farm. Open to visitors and with a modern farmhouse

Clay Lane
3 Clay Lane Nursery which specialises in fuchsias
Maple Farm. Ridlands window contractor
Egg Arch Farm
Railway Arch. The railway bridges the narrow road, and the lane dips steeply to the bridge on a bend. To get height in the centre of this narrow bridge it is built in a parabolic shape.

Canadian Road
A concrete road runs from Clay Lane to what is now the East Surrey Hospital. It was built by Canadian forces and was not used after the war.

Eastfield Road
Gladstone House.

Hogtrough Lane
Nutfield Priory Lake - the hotel and spa fronts onto Nutfield Road to the north


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