Thames Tributary River Mole - Wallace Brook - Flanchford Road

Thames Tributary River Mole
The Mole continues flowing in a convoluted course north w
Wallace Brook. The brook continues to flow south towards the Mole and turns to the east

Post to the north Reigate Heath
Post to the west Ricebridge
Post to the east South Park
Post to the south Flanchford Bridge

Flanchford Road
Santon House. 17th timber framed house with alterations and additions. Inside ceiling beams and a wide inglenook. Modern extensions.
Santon cottages early 16th house with a facade of diamond tiling with brick below, and a timber frame.
Barn. Timber-framed, weather boarded barn probably early 17th.
Flanchford Farmhouse 18th
Pigsty to west of Farmhouse.1800
Flanchford Farm Cottages 19th
Threshing barn.1700
Cart shed 18th
Granary 18th
Farm offices 18th
Barn 17th
Wall 1700
Gilberts Farm 16th
Granary on iron staddles to north of Gilbert's Farm Barn 1900
Greenlane Cottages
Little Flanchford Farm


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