Thames Tributary Redhill Brook - Merstham

Thames Tributary Redhill Brook
The Brook continues to flow south east

Post to the west South Merstham
Post to the east Warwick Wold
Post to the north Rockshaw Road

Intersection of M25 and Warwick Wold Built in the early 1970s, the opening of this construction was delayed owing to the abandonment of work on the M25 for a short period when the contractors, French, went out of business.

Bletchingly road
Pendell Army Camp. This was used to billet Canadian troops during World War II and in 1961 the entire population of Tristan da Cunha, when the island was threatened with a volcanic eruption. The site of the camp is under the M23
Bunker built as an Anti Aircraft Command operations room in 1951, and disused in 1960. It was allocated to the Metropolitan Police as its southern war headquarters, in the 1960s and remained so until 1997. It was sold in 2001.
Oakley Farm Coppice Lea Care Home Darby House. Built originally for Nuttings seed merchants bombed out of London in 1940 and moved their offices to their seed farm here. They built this in 1946 by the local firm of S&J Francis. In 1966 they moved to Cambridge and Darby family purchased it and renamed it. It remains in office use.

Mercers West Lake Nature Reserve
Owned by WBB Minerals and, A reflooded, provides a water reservoir via a pumped pipeline to their quarry at North Park Farm. Another nature reserve

Spynes Mere Nature Reserve wetland nature reserve made up from old sand workings by the owners, WBB Minerals. It is leased to the Wildlife Trust. the area was once farmland – ‘Spynes’ means ‘summer fattening pasture’. There are three water areas, which flow into the Redhill Brook. , the waste water from North Park Farm extraction site is piped here before flowing back into Mercers West.

Sunstone Grove
Woodfield School


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