River Lee - Wormley

River Lee
The River Lee continues to flow south towards the Thames

Post to the east Payne's Lane
Post to the north Broxbourne Mill
Post to the south Holyfield Lake

Kings Weir
King Weir was in place by the mid-18th . It is at the junction of the original course of the river Lee – the ‘Old Barge River’ which here separates from the Lee Navigation which was built in following an Act of Parliament in 1767.
Weir Keeper’s House – Collector’s House. This was rebuilt in 1886 and is the house there now 
Fishery operated by local angling club
Kiora Radial Gates controlling access into the Flood Relief Channel

Slipe Lane
Four lakes formed from previous gravel workings – Lea Pit, Railway Pit, Marsh Pit and Boot Pit. These are now used by Slipe Lane Pits Fishery

Wharf Road
The piece of road from the railway to the river built by James Death in 1857
Wharfside Nursery
Traveller site


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