Turnford Brook - Wormleybury Brook - Turnford

Turnford Brook and Wormleybury Brook
The Turnford Brook and the Wormleybury Brook meet and flow south towards the River Lee

Post to the east Turnford
Post to the north Wormleybury
Post to the west Cheshunt Park
Post to the south Cheshunt

Cheshunt Park
An area of grassland and woodland. 
Roman site.  The park was the subject of a 'Time Team' investigation in 2001 which uncovered part of Ermine Street.
Pillbox from the Second World War. Hexagonal brick and concrete structure built to guard the stop line.
Orchard area which has been replanted with new fruit trees
Golf Course

Half Hide Lane
Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement in this area
Broxbourne Business Centre. Retail estate with the usual big shed shops
Travellers’ site
Broxbourne Services Waste Transfer Station

Hell Wood
Site of medieval earthwork. There is a rectangular moat with additional earthworks around. Some prehistoric elements were found here

A1- Hoddesden By Pass
Road built in the 1970s to by pass the Great Cambridge Road
Site of pillbox on west side. Demolished when the new road was built in the 1970s. This was to guard the stop line.  It is now barricaded and set up as a sanctuary for bats.

New River
The New River here has been altered from its original course.  It originally went in a loop to the west of what is now the A10 junction and returned south of it.

Stop Line
Second World War anti-tank ditch. This ran east-west across the area from Cheshunt Park Farm to the New River

Watercress Trot – wild life site


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