Wormleybury Brook - Wormley Wood

Wormleybury Brook
The Brook continues to flow eastwards towards Turnford Brook and the River Lee

Post to the west Wormley Wood 

Post to the north - Brickendon Green

Pembridge Lane

Ettridge Farm. Thought to be named for 17th farmer, Etheridge. There was also a chapel here in the 19th.  The Farmhouse is 17th with a timber frame on black stucco sill and weather boarded. Cart Shed on the road opposite. 18th with Timber frame and weather boarded

White Stubbs Lane
Wormley Wood. The wood has been a managed since the Middle Ages for timber production and coppiced. A network of ancient earth banks runs throughout it, which are thought to be late Bronze Age field systems or the boundaries of Saxon Kingdoms. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and also a Special Area of Conservation as a sub-Atlantic and European oak-hornbeam forest.  There are many ancient hornbeam pollards and coppice stools. Streams meander through the wood feeding to the Wormleybury Brook. Ground cover is poor maybe because historically used for pannage, and more recently grazing by muntjac
Nut Wood. Oak standards which date from the 1850 together with hornbeam and birch.
Bencroft Wood. This wood is mostly ancient oak standards plus hornbeam coppice, with birch and open clearings with bracken.   There is also the occasional sweet chestnut.  A series of deep cut streams run across it and there are two ponds in which are found rare palmate newts.
Calais Wood.  Contain ancient semi-natural Oak standards and Hornbeam coppice which is surrounded by paddocks.           


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