Nazeing Brook - Perry Hill

Nazeing Brook
The Nazeing Brook continues to flow west towards the River Lee

Post to the north Middle street
Post to the east Bumble Green
Post to the west Payne's Lane

Cemetery Lane
Pillbox. There is said to be a pillbox to the east of this footpath. It was part of the Outer London Defence Ring which encircled London in the Second World War.  An anti-tank ditch crossed this area coming from the River Lee zigzagged across Perry Hill to Bumbles Green.  The whole entire section has pillboxes along it – big octagonal ones designed for up to 10 men with their armoury and a machine-gun post on top.  At some times of the year the anti-tank ditch line should show as a crop mark on the fields.

Hyde Mead
Nazeing Primary School

Laundry Lane
Laundry Cottage

St.Leonard road
Cutlands. The house is said to be named after land which was left to supply clergymen with clothing. It is a 17th timber-framed and plastered cottage
V2 fell here in 1944 involving 10 deaths

Middle Street
Mansion House. Barn from the 18th timber framed in Baltic pine, with weatherboarding
Field behind Mansion House has a mound in which local plaque victims are said to be buried
Ninnings. 15th open hall house
Brook House 17th house, timber framed and plastered
Shadwalkers 16th house timber framed and plastered with weatherboarding

Old House Lane
Old House Farm

Perry Hill
Perry Hill Farm


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