Wollensbrook = Hoddesden Rye Park


The Wollensbrook flows north and east towards the River Lynch

Post to the east Rye House
Post to the west Woollensbrook
Post to the south Hoddesdon

Amwell Street
An earlier name for the street was Ware Valley
High pavement ran along the side of what is now the Tower Centre. This was installed following an attempt to reduce the original slope in 1826.
51 The Sun. The original Old Sun in the 19thj was a small cottage replaced by a larger building demolished in the 1960s and replaced by the current building.
Royal British Legion, moved here in 2011 following a fire in previous head quarters
The Rose and Crown. On the inn sign is the name of defunct brewer E K & H Fordham Ltd of Ashwell,
Crown Pub. Demolished for road widening in 1970s
Duncombe Arms. Demolished for the Tower Centre in 1964
Girls School opened here in 1818 with an endowement form a Mrs Easter Jones. it was south of the Woollens Brook. It was for poor girls with an emphasis on domestic skills

Burford Street
Previously this was known as Stanstead Valley
Hoddesdon Baptist Church.  The Church began in the late 1890s and joined the Baptist Union in 1901. In 1909 work began to build the church building and school.
Haileybury Boys Club. Robert Gilling Hall. Opened as The Cinema in 1913 by A.J.Hatrick. Closed in 1930
Tower Shopping – 1960s built shopping complex, has never been successful.
112 Boars Head pub. Dates from the mid-19th
Fire Station
Burford House. 19th house with parapet on the front, timber frame core in yellow stock brick. In the late 18th this was the home of local brewery owner, William Whittingstall, and then by local mill owner, Waller. After 1840 it was a school and from 1845 the Agricultural and Scientific School owned by W.Haselwood, taking adult students as well as boys. It also called itself 'The Grammar School', then 'Queen Elizqwbeth Grammar School' claiming rights to St.John's College, Cambridge.
Five Horseshoes Pub. Earlier this was the Dolphin Inn which was used as a workhouse from 1733. Inmates were required to undertake spinning work with flax and latterly silk.  The building was demolished in 1866 and rebuilt, but it was eventually closed in 1968.
Burford Street Senior County Council School opened in 1930 for older pupils from local schools. From 1948 it was called Hoddesdon Secondary  School and moved away from this site in 1953 
Dinant Link Road
One of the few bits actually built of the North Orbital Road, Ringway 4. This scheme for concentric motorway rings round London developed over thirty years was cancelled in the 1970s.
Woollensbrook in a culvert under it

Duke Street
This was once known as Duck Lane
Duke William of Cumberland pub demolished 1974 for the link road
Manor Farm, site
Brethren’s Meeting Room

Essex Road
Once known as Marsh Lane
Ryelands Primary School. School closed in 2007

Hertford Road
Cherry Tree Farm – the site is now remembered in Cherry Tree Close

Middle Field Road
Hoddesdon Methodist Church

New River Close
Sheltered housing, built 1936 but now run by Broxbourne Housing Trust.

Rye Park
In an area once called Rye Common.  Much of the area was built up in the 1870s by Charles Whitley.
Rye Road
United Services Club
Hoddesdon Labour Hall

Walton Road
Rye Park Nursery School

Ware Road
Hoddesdon Cemetery
Speakerbus Ltd
New Farmhouse.


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