Rags Brook - Goff's Oak

Rags Brook
Two branches of Rags Brook meet and flow east towards Turnford Brook and the River Lee

Post to the north Hammondstreet Road
Post to the east Goff's Oak
Post to the south Goffs Oak
Post to the west Goffs Oak

Argent Way
New road connecting areas of new housing.

Crouch Lane
Farms and nurseries along the road.
Elm Farm
Lucas End Farm
Old Elm Farm
Rosebury Farm

Goff’s Oak
This began as a cluster of cottages on the edge of  Cheshunt Common

Newgatestreet Road
Once known as ‘The Common Road”
3-9 19th cottages built subsequent to enclosure of the common
Goffs Oak Methodist Church. A Wesleyan Methodist presence was in Goff's Lane in 1833 In the 1860s there was a community with a Primitive Methodist "Preaching Station" built a chapel in 1868 fund raised and paid for by the local congregation. A dual-purpose hall was built on adjacent land in 1957 and the old chapel remained and was used for youth work until two prefabs eventually replaced it. They were eventually replaced with the current which was consecrated in 1977 on the site of the old Chapel.
Common land – allotment of One Hundred Acres which stretches east from here  from here to Hammond Street Road. In 1806 it was decided that this land was not useful - it was on clay, with limited access and too far from Cheshunt.  It was therefore enclosed and the resulting rents would be shared out among cottagers. This continues by the Cheshunt Common Rights Trustees.
6 Unitarian Fellowship Church
Goff’s Hotel. This was once a local inn called The Green Man and was rebuilt following a fire in 1814.
Bungalows on the site of 17th cottages
Site of the village Pound
Goff’s Oak – the oak is opposite the hotel. There is a story that an oak was planted here by a Sir Theodore Godfrey after the Norman Conquest.  The old oak was blown down in 1950 and a new one planted grown from one of its acorns. The current oak is a replacement planted west of the old site.

St.James Road
The road was once known as Rickless Lane and also Writtle Lane.
St James. Built in 1862 as a daughter church to St Mary Cheshunt. It has been a Parish Church since 1871. In 2006 it was and refurbished 1860 . It is in yellow brick with an unusual bell turret topped by a spire. The pulpit was originally in St.Mary's Church, Cheshunt and it has an oak eagle
Vicarage, built in the 1870s.
St. James Church School 1870s. Old School House with plaque to Ms. Beckham.
Laurel Bank Farm
White House Farm
Rickless Lane Farm


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