Thames Tributary River Lee - Netherhall

Thames Tributary River Lee
The Lee flows south

Post to the west Dobbs Weir
Flood Relief Channel
The channel dates from 1947 when it began to be built following major flooding and was finished by 1976

Glen Faba Road
Glen Faba was a chalet park, taken over by Epping Council in the 1970s. Some of the area has since been used as a leisure camping area but is to be used for aggregate extraction.
Glen Faba Lake. This is an old gravel pit the result of the sand and gravel extraction industry locally producing aggregate for the construction trade. There are islands in it which result from areas left where gravel was not present or where piles of stone which were no use for construction were left on site.  It is now used as a fishery.
Stort Pit. This is a much smaller lake between the Flood Relief Channel and the Lee. It is another old gravel pit

Low Hill Road
Burles Farm, mixed farming
Hailes Farm

Netherhall Road
Comarket Fruit and other vegetable and fruit growers in extensive complexes of greenhouses. The first greenhouse was built after the Great War when the Netherhall Estate was broken up and sold.
Netherhall. The main building was demolished in 1773. The manor of Nether Hall was bought by the Abbey of Waltham in 1280. It changed hands several times and in the late 15th became the property of the Coke family, who built the a large and imposing house here - a fortified, moated manor house in red brick, with diamond patterns picked out in blue. John Colt's eldest daughter Joanne was married in Roydon Church to Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of England.
Netherhall Farmhouse. 14th hall house with later alterations.Timber framed and plastered.
Ruins of Netherhall Manor draped in ivy.  Inside is a brick staircase and three rooms but this gatehouse, to a fortified house is now mostly demolished. It is a 15th building in red brick consisting of two semi-octagonal towers with a gateway between. Part of a wall survives, and the foundations of domestic buildings can be traced within the walls
Moat - Rectangular with original brick in the bank. It still contains water
Barn .14th timber framed and weather boarded, granary 17th timber framed and weather boarded. Garden walls are 15th



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