River Lee - Nazeing Meads

Thames Tributary River Lee
The Lee Navigation turns south west. The Nazeing Brook flows west towards the River Lee

Post to the north Nazeing Meads
Post to the west Broxbourne Mill
Post to the east Middle Street
Post to the south Payne's Lane

Broxbourne Gull,
A flood channel separate from but roughly parallel to Broxbourne Mill Stream, the River Lee.  It is not a man-made channel, although it may have been improved. 

Lee Navigation.
Carthegena Lock. Built 1767, Rebuilt 1827 and 1922.   It was originally built as a turnpike flash lock in 1741 and rebuilt as a pound lock in 1767 or 1768 in Broxbourne Gull
Lock house rebuilt in 1827.  Without a pigsty .rebuilt again in 1936.
Carthagena – the name is to commemorate a battle in the War of Jenkins' Ear and the defeat of Admiral Vernon and the British Navy when they retired from the siege of Cartagena in Spanish Columbia 1741. 
Carthegena Weir. The weir is adjacent to the lock and is part of the Cartagena Fishery
Carthegena Weir pool. There is a spill weir and bridge. The area is stocked with fish

River Lee
Carthegena Fishery
Syndicate Lake. This is a 7 acre gravel pit dug in the mid 1940's. It was stocked with carp in the 1970's

Nazeing Road
Broxbourne Airfield. This lay on the north side of the road in the area now covered by a trading estate area. This was set up as a recreational pursuit by the teenage Frogley brothers, on some of their father’s land – this was the Herts and Essex Aero Club. In due course a small clubhouse was built.  The airfield was opened with an Air Display in 1931, and as time went on workshops and hangars were built and people were employed. The London Buses (Central Buses) Sports Association Flying Club also had a clubhouse on site. Aircraft were designed, tested and built here.  Before the Second World War a Civil Air Guard was trained here and on declaration of war it was taken over by the Ministry of Aircraft Production. It closed in 1954 and the area given over to gravel extraction.
Marshgate Farm

Nursery Road
Private road with acres of greenhouses.

Old Nazeing Road
1 this house was Monty’s CafĂ© used by aircraft staff in the Second World War.


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