Rags Brook - Flamstead End

Rags Brook
Rags Brook flows east towards Turnford Brook and the River Lee

Post to the north Cheshunt Park
Post to the west Goffs Oak
Post to the east Cheshunt

Andrews Lane
Andrews Lane Primary and Nursery School. Opened in 1970
Rosedale Baptist Church
Rosedale Community Centre – this was Fairley Farmhouse built in 1840 and enlarged in 1889,
Fairley Cross was the name of the crossroads and the original site of Fairley Farmhouse.

Flamstead End Recreation Ground. Gravel extraction site where paleolithic remains were found in the 1890s.

Cromwell Road
Housing on the site of the Cromwell Road Hall, used for Flamstead Institute and given to the village by Frank Debenham when he lived at Cheshunt Park.

Flamstead End Road
It has been suggested that this was part of an old route from the ford on the Lee to Dunstable and beyond.  This is said to have been marked by large conglomerate boulders - one of which is known to have existed here.
Rose Cottage. Victorian house
30-31 18th houses.
28 Flamstead House. Ukrainian social club. The first generation of Ukrainian immigrants arrived in Hertfordshire in 1947 as displaced persons where work-permits allowed them to work in the greenhouses of the Lea Valley.  They lived initially in a displaced persons camp in Newgate Street Village. The social centre was opened in 1947
Holt House. Built 1880, used as a private boys school  by William Bower Todhunter and had a series of masters with important academic backgrounds. It closed in  1920s and was then used by Chatles Bunce, the printer, who had his Cheshunt Press there.
68 Zenz. Restaurant in what was the White Horse pub. 17th pub but modernised;
57 Plough. Built in 1923 on the site of a 17th pub. Previously had a real plough as its sign.
59 Has faded painted sign for ‘Rogers’

Longfield Lane
Fairfields Primary School. Opened 1974.
Elm Nursery. George Rooke's nursery consisted of two blocks of seven greenhouses each a hundred feet long and fifteen feet wide. There was also an office, a van shed and stable. He was known for the quality of his geraniums and innovations in growing tomatoes.
Workhouse built in 1826 on the Stockwell Lane corner.  It closed in 1834 and a terrace of houses built there, since themselves demolished. They were called Poor House Cottages

Park Lane
Area of park land now in local authority ownership.
Golf Course club house

Rosedale Estate
Built by the Greater London Council in the 1970s on land previously occupied by glasshouses which had been built on the area of the Andrews estaste.

A ford on Rags Brook was preserved here when the GLC Rosedale Estate was built. It has since been covered over.

Wheatcroft Estate
GLC Estate 1975-6 built on agricultural land for a new district focus


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