Rags Brook - Cheshunt

Rags Brook
Rags Brook continues to flow eastwards towards the Turnford Brook and the River Lee

Western end of Cheshunt, around the New River and reservoirs. Getting posher west of the main river

Post to the north Turnford
Post to the west Flamstead End
Post to the east Cheshunt

Albemarle Avenue
Flamstead End Hall, and community base.

Brookfield Lane
Led from Cheshunt to the common field of Brookfield. Now cut in two by the A10 and carried over it on a footbridge
Reservoir Pump house – Cheshunt Reservoir Booster Station which is said to pump water from the reservoir around the neighbourhood.
Cheshunt reservoirs  which were built in 1837 by the New River Company..
North Reservoir.  Built in 1837 to siupply the South Reservoir. The outfall structure has recently been rebuilt. It holds more than 25,000 cubic metres of water above ground level, amd is classifed as a ‘large raised reservoir’ under the Reservoirs Act 1975.  It is no longer used for water supply, but used as flood storage during high flows in Rags Brook.  It is also called Brookfield Lake
South Reservoir – under development for housing. Built in 1836 and said never to have been used. Drained in 2004.

Cadmore Lane
Named after a John Cadmore, who was an 18th resident

Cheshunt Park
Cheshunt Park Golf Centre (not allowed to play if you have - for ie  an outfit made of denim, with a top designed to be worn outside the skirt at the waist)

High Street
138-144 18th
125 in the 1970s this was the council’s House of Friendship plus the EHOs.   Built in the  1850s it has since been demolished.
Cheshunt Free Church. United Reformed Church,

New River
Slipway on the east bank used for launching maintenance craft.
Sluice roller, replacing sluice gates with wooden shutters. 
South of Brookfield Lane the New River goes to the east around the covered reservoir

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