Nazeing Brook - Middle Street

Nazeing Brook
The Nazeing Brook flows south west towards the River Lee

Post to the east Hoe Lane
Post to the west Nazeing Meads
Post to the south Perry Hill

Hoe Lane
Greenleaves. 15th open hall house with Timber framed, part plastered, part weather boarded. Barn from the 15th, timber framed and weather boarded. Outbuilding 18th, timber framed, weather boarded, with thatched roof
Camps. 16th house, timber framed and plastered, with red brick front. Barn from the 18th, timber framed and weather boarded. Named from a 13th  owner, Walter Camps
Parkers Farmhouse. 18th Timber framed, part plastered, part weather boarded

Maplecroft Lane
Maplecroft. Named for a 13th owner, William Mapel

Middle Street
The Crooked Billet. Pub which has also been called Chequers.  Can be dated back to the early 19th.
Burnt Hall. 17th house, timber framed and weather boarded
Nazeing Brook bridge – this is the site of what was a ford which sometimes flooded the area.

North Street
60 King’s Yard. King Boiler Hire has been operating since 1912 and supplies boiler and other equipment to the surrounding nursery and greenhouse industry.
62-64 Doctor’s surgery replacing a police station and police houses

Pecks Hill
Eastside nursery
J W Fencing with a water tower faked up as a windmill
Pecks Hill Nursery
Shottentens Farm

Wheelers Close
Site of farm called Wheelers


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