Nazeing Brook - Bumbles Green

Nazeing Brook
The brook flows westwards to the Lee and is joined by a tributary from the south
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Countryside area on the edge of Broxbourne and the Lea Valley with ancient farms. It was however on the North London stop line.

Post to the north Hoe Lane
Post to the east Nazeing House
Post to the west Perry Hill

Bumbles Green
This is an ancient name for the area and may suggest a village in a woodland clearing.

Middle Street
Original site of the Nazeing Gate to the forest was at the crossroads
School House - built by the School Board in 1877.  This closed and was used as a youth centre, which has also now closed.
Alan Williams steel turret which is now in the Duxford Museum.  It was removed by Royal Engineers from opposite the school. It defended the junction of the Nazeing-Broadley Common road and was part of the North London Stop Line.  The turret was developed for the British anti-invasion ground defence system in 1940. It was made from curved steel plates welded into a dome made to cover a circular pit four feet deep and lined with steel. The turret could rotate through 360 °. There were also two firing hatches.
Nazeing Telephone Exchange
Nazeing Congregational Church.  Built 1816 by Charles Hollingsworth on land which was sold to the Trustees of Cheshunt College, where ministers were trained. It was built of wood with a brick front.
Darmers, 15th open hall house, Timber framed and plastered, with frame exposed outside. Stables are 18th timber framed, weather boarded and thatched

Nazeing Common Road
Nazeing Leisure Centre. A football pitch and a hut.
Harold’s Park Farm. It is thought by some people that the farm is on the site of the Royal hunting lodge of Harold, last of the Saxon kings of England. There are also claims that Harold built a tunnel from the site to Waltham Abbey (5 miles away)
Warwick House. This was once known as Coburg Cottage.

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