Parndon Brook - Old House Lane

Parndon Brook Tributary to the River Stort
Parndon Brook rises in this area and flows north east towards the Stort

Post to the east Great Parndon
New Frontiers Science Park
Research Area. Opened as a Smith Kline pharmaceutical research centre in 1997, merging with Glaxo in 2000.

Old House Lane
Old House farmhouse. 17th house including remains of an earlier building. Timber framed and plastered
The Imperial Brick Works was sited at Old House Farm in the 19th. There were also 12 cottages and 4 kilns. In 1898 it was reopened as the Roydon Brick and Tile Works, which was in site until c. 1906.
Barn, 17th, timber framed and weather boarded
Council houses built pre-Second World War
Four Acre Nursery – greenhouses, boiler house, water tanks, etc
Oakleigh Nursery
Game Farm Nursery
Tanfield Nursery
Brickfield Wood – presumably associated with the Imperial Brick Works
Lower Wood
Harold’s Grove. This is ancient woodland, with boundary ditches. It includes coppiced Hornbeam, plus Ash, Hawthorn, Maple, Oak, Hazel and Crab Apple. A large ancient oak stands on the Harlow/Roydon border and a hedgerow with another oak forms part of the boundary. The name has been associated as part of the estate of King Harold Godwin pre Conquest.

Water Lane
Parndon Brook is alongside it.


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