The London/Essex border - Sewardstonebury

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The London/Waltham Forest./Essex boundary Goes east south of Yardley Hill, across the top of a stream and then curves slightly north west. It then turns abruptly south for a short distance and then north east to meet Yardley Lane. At the corner of Hawk Wood it turns south east along the edge of the wood and at the elbow bend goes east to cross the wood. It emerges, after a blip, going east on the southern boundary of Hawk Wood.

Post to the west King George V Reservoir
Post to the east Stewardstonebury
Post to the south Chingford

Sites on the Essex side of the boundary

Bury Farm
Livery stables
Filter Beds

Sites on the London/Waltham Forest side of the boundary

Hawk Wood
Marked as ‘Hawkwood’ on the Ordnance Survey map of 1883, named from ‘Chyngefordehal 1323, ‘Chyngford Hauke’ 1501 that is 'the nook or corner of Chingford’. The wood lies along the northern parish boundary of Chingford.
Sewage works Centre
Hawkwood School

Yardley Lane

Yardley Hill
Hawkwood Lodge, Locally Listed building. The only surviving structure from the Hawkwood estate erected by Richard Hodgson in the late 1840’s. Now Environmental Education Centre. Hodgson was Lord of the Manor of Chingford St Pauls from 1844 – 1866
Hawkwood House demolished following bomb damage in 1944.
Well in the ruins of Hawkwood House

British History Online. Chingford
London Borough of Waltham Forest. Web site


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