The London/Hertfordshire border - Borehamwood

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The London/ Barnet/Hertfordshire border goes north from Stangate parallel to the A1 on the west side of Wansford Park Road and up a recreation ground and across the cloverleaf into the grounds of Elstree Moat House.
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Site of junction with the A1 in an area of largely post war housing with lots of open space

Post to the north Barnet Way
Post to the east Arkley

Sites on the London, Barnet side of the border

Arkley Lane
Open Space

Barnet Way
Holiday Inn – was previously the Elstree Moat House. Built in 1989. Before that it was the Thatched Barn a roadhouse built in 1927. In the Second World War it was used by the military for developing weapons and in the 1960s became a Playboy Club. It was used as a location for many films.
Recreation Ground
Laing Sports Club
Laing Sports Club Golf Course

Rowley Green Lane
Rowley Green. Common oak and birch in the context of a sphagnum bog with unusual range of plants. This was once heathland belonging to the manor until part of the common was purchased for open space by the council in 1934. There was regular cattle grazing ceased during the Second World War and it was opened as a nature reserve in 1987.
Rowleygreen Farm
Arkley Golf Course. In 1909 the Arkley Music Society. Decided to aquire a 27 acre field abutting on Rowley Green as a Golf Course. The Arkley Golf Club was set up with H.G.Rowley as Honorary Secretary.

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