The London/Hertfordfshire border - Waltham Cross

The London/ Enfield/Hertfordshire boundary goes on along the M25
TQ 35 01

Post to the east Waltham Cross
Post to the west Theobalds 34 01
Post to the north Cheshunt

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Cambridge Road
Dual carriageway built in the 1930s and is now the A10.  It is the first area of derestricted speed when leaving London. Mainly on the line of Ermine Street it goes from London Bridge to Kings Lynn,
New Cottages
Oyler’s Farm one of the largest cultivated areas in the district. 18th farmhouse and a thatched refrigerator barn, an uncommon structure at least two hundred years old.
Theobalds Park Farm. Historic farm site. Producing vegetables for London markets.
Footpath, was known locally as the Twopenny Tube, connects Park Lane with Bullscross Ride.
Printing works of News International. At the junction with Park Lane (Paradise). On the site of Orange Cafe which became a Little Chef
Travelodge Hotel at the junction with Park Lane (Paradise) on the site of the Orange cafe.

Park Lane Paradise
Level crossing. Only one on this railway line's located here 1 mile from Turkey Street.
Sand and gravel pits


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