The London/Hertfordshire boundary - Crews Hill

The London/ Enfield/Hertfordshire boundary crosses the northern edge of Cattlegate Farm, going south east. It continues on the same line to cross the M25 and the railway line and cross the path to Williams’ Farm.

Turkey Brook
Turkey Brook rises in this area and flows south
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Area of garden centres and nurseries round Crews Hill Station in the area once part of Enfield Chase.

Post to the north Cattlegate
Post to the west Cattlegate
Post to the east Glasgow Stud
Post to the south East Lodge

Sites on the London, Enfield side of the border

Cattlegate Road
Cattlegate – ‘Cathalgate’, ‘Le Chathalegate’ 1441, ‘Cattle Gate’ 1605,’Cathellgate’ 1636, named from ‘Cafhale’ c.1220, that is ‘nook or comer of land frequented by wildcats', from Old English ‘catt’ and ‘halh’ with the later addition of Middle English gate with reference to the northern entrance to Enfield Chase. Glasshouses were once ubiquitous in the Lea Valley. Was Cathals Road, renamed when it became a Drove Road
Hollyhill Farmhouse. 19th villa. Low hipped roof. listed
Owles Farm 19th villa stuccoed rounded bow . listed
Cattlegate farm, picturesque
Crews Hill Station. 1910. Between Cuffley and Gordon Hill on Great Northern Railway. Built by the Great Northern Railway and opened with the extension of the line to Cuffley. This station has a rural setting, high up on an embankment. It has two side platforms, with a brick building on each. It was probably the last station within Greater London to issue LNER platform tickets - until the mid-1960s.
Signal Box situated on the down side a little way north of the station, and it was removed at the beginning of the 1970s
Woodhurst Farm Cottages
Woodhurst Farm. Livery stable
Owls Hall

Crews Hill
Horticultural heaven – garden centre ‘golden mile’. Name from family who lived here. Area was part of Enfield Chase and inaccessible until after the 1770s. Trinity College Cambridge owned much of he land here. Estate of bungalows 1930s but after that development limited by ‘green girdle’
Crews Hill Golf Course. Built in 1915 on land bought from Trinity College.
Theobalds Park Farm. Producing vegetables for the London market.  There are the remains of a medieval homestead moat have been noted here. It was the site of the manor of Cullings, absorbed into Theobalds Park in the 16th century
Plough pub. Landscaped beer garden

Enfield Chase
‘Enefeld Chacee’ in 1325, ‘Chace of Enefelde’ 1373, from Middle English ‘chace’ -‘a chase, a tract of ground for breeding and hunting wild animals'. Yhis was first created out of the extensive woodland here in 1136, became Crown property in 1399, and remained a royal hunting preserve until it was subject to enclosure in 1777.

Railway Line
The line to Cuffley enters Hertfordshire emerging from a deep cutting on to an embankment.

Crews Hill Golf Club. Web site
London Railway Record
Osborne. Defending London
Pam. Enfield Chase
Pevsner and Cherry. Hertfordshire
Plough. Web site


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