The London/Hertfordshire border - Kitts End

The London/ Barnet/Hertfordshire border goes a short way north up Kitts End Road and then crosses it and Great North Road, goes slightly south and then due east.

A tributary to the Mymshall Brook flows north westwards

TQ 24 99

Post to the south Hadley Green
Post to the east Hadley Wood
Post to the west Knightsland

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Great North Road
The Great North Road, straight ahead has, it is true, the look of a mail coach road: wide, paved surface flanked with boundary ditches and green selvedges, lined with great oaks.

Wrotham Park
Home farm was set up in the mid-19th century, at around the same time as the model farm at Windsor established by Prince Albert. Steam engine - Grasshopper engine, built by Easton & Amos of The Grove, Southwark, supplied in the 1850s. The engine operated a sawmill, threshing and other farm machinery in adjacent barns and workshops through a system of belt driven shafts, some of which survive. It also appears to have pumped water over a considerable distance as it was supplied fitted with a pump, which was driven direct from the beam, and 600 yards of pipe which was included in the price. It also seems likely to have been replaced by a Gardner gas engine, which were on the market in the period 1900-1910. The gas engine, with its cooling tank and various pipework connections, survives on the other side of the wall from the steam engine. The Home Farm is no longer used for that purpose and is an office estate.

Kitts End Road,
Pre-1826 Holyhead Road passed through hamlet of Kitts End and was just like a country lane. Little better than a meandering lane and it is hard to believe that it was ever anything more. Telford found much to criticise in the awkward turns and unnecessary gradients of this main road to Birmingham, the North West and Holyhead
Kitts End – a lost settlement incorporated into South Mimms
Lower Kitts End Farm. Home of the Chalke family who have farmed this land for over 100 years. Grandfather Chalke came to the area in 1907 from Wiltshire. At that time Lower Kitts End was a grazing farm where horses from London came for a rest. Subsequently it became a dairy farm.
Kitts End Farm. Dairy
St.Katherine’s Old People’s Home
Jacqueline Farm. Florists
Hadley Lawns Residential Care Home

Cuffley Archaeological Group. Papers.
Hertfordshire Churches
London Borough of Barnet. Web site
Meulenkamp and Wheatley. Follies
Walford. Village London
Webster. Great North Road
Wrotham Park. Web site


John Stevens said…
my mother was the owner of St Catherine's, we lived there from the late 60s to the late 70s.The family name is Devonish. Due to a family feud between Nora Devonish and her eldest son the business closeed in the late 70s.It was home to 16 elderly people. The owners(Nora her husband Lionel and their youngest son also Lionel lived upstairs. They had 5 live in staff and a cook that would come in monday to Friday. At the time it was known to be the best private run home in Barnet. St Catherine's was empty for a while(the actual owners being the Bing family) before being bought by 5 doctors and re named Hadley lawns. I do have a couple of old photos of myself (the youngest son. There was 5 Devonish children) in the garden. St Catherine's was formerly a children's home and at the side of the house there were some roundals with faces of children. I have many happy memories of living there, the people that warked there and many stories.

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