The London, Hertfordshire border - Dyrham Park

The London/ Barnet/Hertfordshire border continues south east to cross Trotters Bottom, and go into Dyrham Park where it crosses the path to the House and continues

Tributary to the Mymshall Brook
The tributary flows north eastwards and is joined by a tributary from the south east

Parkland and rural area around a main road

Post to the east Knightsland
Post to the west Barnet Way
Post to the south Arkley
Post to the north Dyrham Park Farm

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Dyrham Park
House built by John Trotter early in the 19th. Owned by Middlesex County Council. The spelling of "Dyrham Park" has changed - it was called ‘Derham’ and was the home of John Durham in the 14th and remained in the family home for 600 years. In 1880 it became known as ‘Dyrham Park’. Dyrham Park Country Club was founded in the early 1960s and the house has been restored.
Golf course,
Pillars of nineteenth century portico
Stream dammed to create artificial ponds
Moat site here

Trotters Bottom
The road replaced two roads closed in 1736 the Earl of Albemarle and became the carriage drive while another diversion was made west of the estate. An area’s archery firing range was called a 'bottom' and one still exists here.

Sites on the London, Barnet, side of the border

Galley Lane
Valentine’s Farm

Dyrham Park. Wikipedia web site
Osborne. Defending London
National Trust. Web site


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