The London/Hertfordshire boundary - Potters Bar

The London/ Enfield/Hertfordshire boundary goes due north on the east side of the school and youth centre. When it reaches CoopersLane Road it turns east to follow it.

Northaw Brook
Northaw Brook flows eastwards  and it met by tributaries from north, south and north east

TQ 28 02

Post to the south Potters Bar 28 01
Post to the north Northaw
Post to the east Barvin Park

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border
Fir Wood

Hook Lane
Hook Cottages
The Hook kennels. Owned by the Greyhound Racing Association
Oshwal Centre. Jain temple. £3.6m to build from pink sandstone and marble. stone was carved by craftsmen in India.Swimming Pool
The Hook Big house built 1838 and containing an important old staircase from Gubbins House.Army Dogs training school in the Second World War.
Hook Wood
Fish Pond. Hook Lake run by a carp syndicate

Sites on the London, Enfield side of the border

Coopers Lane Road
Five Acre Wood Many sinuous hornbeam trees. They were harvested for chopping boards, cogs and firewood. Long since abandoned as a crop, they now grow unchecked creating this rather strange woodland.


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