The London/Hertfordshire border - Barnet

The London/ Barnet/Hertfordshire border continues north east and crosses Byng Road Playing Fields and heads for St. Albans Road.
A tributary to the Mymshall Brook flows northwards and is met by another from the south
Another tributary to the Mymshall Brook flows north westwards
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Open area at the north eastern edge of Barnet - fields, a golf course and livery stables in old farm sites.

Post to the west Arkley
Post to the south Barnet
Post to the east Hadley Green
Post to the north Knightsland

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Bridgedown Golf Club
Electricity transformer station
Club house
The Barnet Ditch and small watercourses flowing northwards to join the Mimmshall Brook

Sites on the London, Barnet, side of the border

Byng Road
Christchurch primary school. a Voluntary Aided Church of England School. the School, Church and Vicarage were built on St. Albans Road in 1844. The school moved to Byng Road in 1957.

Christchurch School. Web site


GWRMAD said…
Christchurch school did not move to Byng Road until 1962.Byng Road School is a totally different school.
GWRMAD said…
Christ Church School was boys and girls,infants and juniors, boys in Alston Road girls in St Albans Road ( New Road)in time they were integrated in the one in Alston Road ,the infant section was moved to the bottom of Byng Road about 1962,when the Alston road School closed the whole school moved to Byng Road.Byng Road School is an entirely separate School.

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