The London/Essex border - Epping Forest

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The London/Waltham Forest/Essex boundary comes eastward and then turns due south while still on Chingford Plain. It crosses a path from Connaught Water turns east, then south, keeping to the edge of the forest

Cuckoo Brook flows south west and reaches Connaught Water
River Ching flows from Connaught Water in a southerly direction

Post to the west Stewardstonebury
Post to the south Buckhurst Hill

Sites on the Essex side of the border.

Epping Forest
Epping Forest 1878-1978
Green Ride. This was cut through the Forest in preparation for its official dedication by Queen Victoria in 1882. She was driven along it in an open carriage to High Beech. This part of the Green Ride was an open trackway before the Ride proper was constructed. It was known as the Ridings, and may have been a dividing line in the woodland
Magpie Hill. A name west of Connaught Water near the corner of Chingford Plain although there is no hill there. Maybe it means the rise of the land from the Plain towards Grimston's Oak
Cuckoo Pits. Series of small ponds on the line of the Cuckoo Brook. Only place where Potentilla palustris is found
Long Hills
Grimston’s Oak. Fine tree standing alone in a circular clearing. A solitary full-grown oak, the tree has a circular seat round it named after Mr. Bedford, in recognition of his good work in preserving the people’s forest, but sometimes known as Grimston's Oak. Here five green paths diverge.
Palmers Bridge
Buttonseed Corner
Peartree Plain
Epping New Road
The Warren. The Conservators administer the forest from the Grade II* listed Warren House built around a medieval hunting lodge which they have owned since 1876.. It was also for a while a pub called The Reindeer. The grounds were laid out by Humphrey Repton. T E Lawrence hut from Pole Hill was re-erected at the Warren. Obelisk to a horse owned by Thomas Grosvenor who kept horses for racing there and which was said to have been ridden at Waterloo. The obelisk is a pillar from Wanstead House. The White House.
Connaught Water. Called after Duke of Connaught, Ranger of the Forest. It is an 8 acre stretch of ornamental water opened in 1883 and enlarged in 1893 when the islands made. This lake was formed by the Corporation of London out of a rush filled swamp called Forest Pool which was fed by the drainage from Hill Wood, Fairmead Bottom and Thicket. The Conservators wanted to drain the Forest for the Commoners’ cattle. The catchment area is the area to the north and water enters the lake in two streams at the corners. In March 1880 Mr. E. W. Roberts, a member of the City Corporation, sent a gift of 10,000 fish to stock the waters of Epping Forest, on condition that a proper close season should be observed and that Sunday fishing should not be permitted
The Ching – flows out of Connaught Water

Manor Road
Warren Hill House. Warren Hill House, a Victorian Gothic mansion, owned originally by Sir Daniel Mackinnon, and later by the Lusty family, of Lloyd-loom woven furniture. It is now flats.


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