The London/Hertfordshire border - Deacon's Hill

TheLondon/ Barnet/Hertfordshire border continues eastwards along Barnet Lane
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Suburban area on the edge of Boreham Wood

Post to the west Elstree
Post to the east Scratchwood
Post to the north Borehamwood

Railway tunnel
Tunnels of former Midland Railway main line pass under Deacon Hill, south of Borehamwood. The Old Tunnel, built 1868, and the New Tunnel, 1895, are both 1,072 yards long.
Brick airshafts

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Barnet Lane
Deacon’s Hill. Big house
Deacon’s Heights

Woodcock Hill
Deacon’s Hill Open Space
Woodcock Farm

Deacons Hill Road
Road made in 1881 by the owner of Deacon’s Hill House for easy access to the station.

British History. Online. Web site
Hertfordshire County Council. Web site


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