The London, Hertfordshire border - Barnet Way

The London/ Barnet/Hertfordshire border going north and parallel to Barnet Way
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Countryside area on either side of the A1 - here it is Barnet Way. Farms, livery stables and a large transmission station.

Mymshall Brook
One of the sources of the Mymshall Brook is in this area.

Post to the north Barnet Way
Post to the east Arkley
Post to the south Borehamwood

Sites on the London, Barnet, side of the border

Arkley Lane
Saffron Green
Saffron Green transmitter masts. Transmitting Capital Radio and LBC independent local radio, the aerials are arranged to transmit south towards London on 1548kHz and 1152kHz

Barnet Way
Sports grounds
Regent Shooting grounds
Wrotham Park Open Space

Transmission Gallery. Web site


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