The London/Hertfordshire boundary -Cattlegate

GLC/Enfield boundary having come from Cattlegate Lane begins to curve south east towards the farm

Cuffley Brook
Cuffley Brook flows southwards and is joined by the Northaw Brook from the west. The Northaw Brook has itself been joined by the Henpshill Brook from the west.
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Countryside area south of Cuffley with woodland and the main railway line

Post to the west Cattlegate
Post to the south Crews Hill
Post to the north Cuffley
Post to the east Crews Hill

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the boundary

Chain Walk

Hempshill Brook

Northaw Brook
Nursery Plantation

Railway Line
This crosses the Northaw Brook on the Sopers Farm Viaduct with 11 arches. It dates from 1909.

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