The London/Hertfordshire border -Grimsdyke

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The London/Harrow/Hertfordshire boundary goes north east across Oxhey Lane north of Grimsdyke Riding School and continues across Grimsdyke Golf Course to cross a path and continues north east up another path.

Post to the west Little Oxhey
Post to the north Hartsbourne Golf Club
Post to the east Grimsdyke
Post to the south Hatch End

The London, Harrow side of the border

Ass House Lane

Stoney Wood

Grim's Dyke
The remains of a massive linear earthwork which was originally much larger. It is marked recorded as ‘Grimesdich’ 1289, ‘Grymesdich’ 1541. The same name occurs in similar earthworks elsewhere. Grim may mean Woden – or is Grim a goblin? Or someone generally nasty? The Saxons said it was dug by the devil in one day. What is it? It cannot have been for military use because there is a ditch on either side of the bank. It may be a pre-Roman or a tribal boundary and possibly Iron Age or more likely 5th. It seems to run from Pinner to Wealdstone but people have tried to trace it to Uxbridge or to Potters Bar. Scheduled Ancient Monument

Grim’s Ditch

Mutton Wood

Old Reddings
Weald Wood
Grimswood Lodge
Grimswood House

Oxhey Lane
Farmhouse 18th. The Farm is traditional farmland which specialises in pick your own. Ancient hedges and mature trees. Horse-grazing over 50 years without chemical treatment and thus there is a great deal of botanical diversity. One wet field is dominated by sedges
Bankfield Cottage
Grimsdyke Riding School
Grimsdyke Golf Club. At a meeting of local residents in 1909, a nine-hole Golf Course was proposed. It was opened in June 1910 by Sir W S Gilbert. After the Second World War the layout was improved. In 1936 the Clubhouse was built.
Valley View Farm
The Lodge
White Craig Close


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