The London/Hertfordshire Border - Theobalds

The London/ Enfield/Hertfordshire boundary goes east west from a stream on the south side of the continues along the south side of the Motorway with a slight blip to the south. It then crosses it and goes along the north side with a slight blip at a point at which it is joined by a channel. It continues on the south side of a wood alongside the motorway

A tributary arm of Theobald's Brook rises in this area and flows eastwards
A stream flows south east towards Turkey Brook

Post to the west - White Webbs - 33 01
Post to the east Theobalds 35 01
Post to the north Broadfield Farm
Post to the south Whitewebbs

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Old Park Ride
Gunsite Farm - Theobalds Stud. Gunsite Stud is a new stable building in a fold of the southern slopes, finished with white rendered walls and terracotta roof tiles.
South Osiers
Theobalds Manor.  A red brick Queen Anne style house adjacent to the stud buildings.
There was a small settlement here called 'Wood Green'. This was displaced by the enclosure by James I of the land into his deer park in 1618. Wood Green hamlet, was on the edge of the park in 1611 and was moved to a new site in 1620. The site was later deserted and then emparked in 1782, a reverse of the pattern with Theobalds
Spring Farm
Square Planting


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