The London/Hertfordshire border - Scratchwood

TQ 20 96
The London/ Barnet/Hertfordshire border goes along Barnet Lane. Leaves it to go south east just after a strip of wood. Turns abruptly north just west of Stirling Way turning at the edge of the wood on the west side of Barnet Way. Carried on north slightly west of Stirling Way crossing just before the end, crosses Ripon Way.

Post to the south Scratchwood
Post to the west Deacon's Hill

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Barnet Lane
Woodcock Hill. Village green status to stop development
Optical telegraph here in the late 18th

Furzehill Road
Furze hill

Sites on the London/Barnet side of the border

Barnet Way
Built in the 1920s to bypass Barnet. Opened by Alderman H. Brown, chairman of Hertfordshire County Council's Highways Committee) on October 19th, 1927.

Stirling Corner
Memorial Sports Centre. Derelict field which was formerly the Stirling Corner Sports Ground and contained the Memorial Sports Centre and the derelict building is still there. A running track was immediately north of the service station. The ground was believed to have been owned by the Metropolitan Police and was also referred to as ‘Finsbury’
Elstree Park, mobile Homes

Scratchwood Open Space
This area was once reserved for a link road between the A1 and M1. Now maintained as community leisure area by Barnet Council. In the 13th the owners were the Knight Hospitallers and the woodland forming part of the manor of Boyesland and Hendon and was coppiced and it was later part of the estate of Moat Mount. Has a bit of an unsavoury reputation


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