The London/Hertfordshire boundary - Cattlegate

GLC/Enfield boundary. Goes on down Cooperslane Road and then crosses
Cattlegate Road. It then begins to curve south east
TL 2853101862

Countryside area with big houses and scattered farms

Post to the south Cattlegate 
Post to the east Cattlegate 
Post to the north Cuffley
Post to the west Barvin Park

Sides on the Hertfordshire of the boundary

Cattlegate Lane
Cattlegate Cottages
Prospect Cottages

Coles Hill

Coopers Lane Road
Barvin Park. Big house latterly owned by the Order of St.John of God.  Decided in 1911 to set up “a colony in England for Catholic male adult mental defectives and epileptics,” and the Irish-English Delegation took possession of Barvin Park in Hertfordshire at the request of the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Francis Bourne. Cardinal Bourne officially opened the centre on 1st October 1931.eventully closed in the 1990s. The site is now housing

Cattlegate Wood

Robin Hill
Woodhurst Farm
Northaw Brook

Northaw Road West
Park Farm. Equestrian Centre with listed barn
Hill View Farm
Colesdale Farm

Oakwell Drive

Woodgate Avenue

Hertfordshire County Council. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. Hertfordshire


Unknown said…
I was told, though I am doubtful, that the hill on Cattlegate Road, starting from the Northaw Road End, is artificial. It is man made to mark the boundary of Hertfordshire. Any one else heard this?

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