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An inscribed boulder in Epping Forest marks the birthplace of the evangelist Gypsy Smith. His preaching missions took him to five continents. When he died on the Queen Mary during her maiden voyage, it was his wish that his ashes should be brought back to his native forest. The memorial is a short distance to the west of Derby Road Church, among the trees close to the Ranger's House.

2nd World War row of concrete posts Upper Mill Plain.  Footbridge across ditch, is now a long narrow glade.  Plain granite memorial under a tree, birthplace of Gipsy Smith great evangelist who died on the Queen Mary at the age of 80 in 1947


Forest Road:

Enclosures 1841 Holly Lodge and Rose Cottage. Mortgaged in 1871 went to a pawnbroker, sold it to a private developer; Holly Lodge became a dairy farm but then bought by the City and demolished in 1938. Land reverted to forest and gardens can still be seen.

Hagger Lane

Woodford or Hagger Lane Pumping Station . The Waterworks. By George Season, 1877 for the East London Waterworks Company. Stock brick with round-headed windows and dentil cornice. It housed two horizontal steam engines. Engine and pump to water tower on Buckhurst Hill. Then another engine, 1891 17m gallons to it.

East London Water Works enclosure 1855 for Crown rights. Land bought 1855 and had been Forest and Spade Husbandry land.

Reservoir built by East London Water co. corner Hagger lane in 1850s. Two covered service reservoirs 3m gall. And two engines 60 hp 171’ above OD.  One built by Aird in 1877 and the next by direct labour., each 182 ft by 112 ft by 14 ft for 3,000,000 gallons. Brick backed with concrete and clay puddle and brick arched roof.  1895 a third built. Big underground reservoir in 1967

new road planned in 1970 Conservators put the old road back as it was but they are not happy.

Fullers Road 

Was Windmill Lane. Built mill there beside the road, blown down 1880 cottage demolished 1890.

Grove Crescent

St Anne Line R.C., 1965-6. By D.M. Blouett. Square, steel-frame building with a broad, low octagonal lantern. Walls of brick and, on two sides, pre-cast stone pierced by small rectangular windows. It is laid out diagonally inside with free-standing altar in the corner. Main illumination from the lantern. Statue of St Anne Line by Joseph Cribb, 1967.

Woodford National Spiritualist Church. Dominated by a monopitch roof; windowless, rounded projections below. Internal lighting chiefly from the long, high clerestory above a lean-to roof.

Grove Hill Street

Phillip and St James

North Circular

Diversion and roundabout on 1970

Woodford Green


Woodford High Road 


496-498 Traveller’s Friend



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