The Avenue

1905 suburban developments

The Vane

Dene Road

Frank Carew developments 1905

17 Greenend was Greenhill Farm


Broad Oaks

Duck's Hill Road

Marked thus on Rocque's map of 1754 and on the Ordnance Survey map of 1822, so named from the local Duckfe family recorded in the 16th-century parish registers.  Site of the Ruislip workhouse.

Lodge to Northwood Park

Northwood Hall was Maze Farm in the nineteenth century rebuilt as part of the Northwood Estate. Later used as a boys’ school and became Denville Hall. Actor's Charitable Homes.  Denville Hall was Northwood Park built 19th by Uxbridge timber merchant, Norton.  Shooting range embellished with two 18th bronze cannon from HMS Association - fired on Trafalgar Day. Set up by Alfred Denville.

Folly rotunda – inside is very special full of saints and angels.

Youngwood Farmhouse

Shooting Lodge & two canons from HMS Associate.

Farm on the high point.

Maze Farm bought in 1850 by Daniel Norton and he built the Northwood Estate. Sold in 1902.

Duck’s Hill Plantation. Joseph Cann big house built used by American special forces in the Second World War.  Renamed Battle of Britain House. Used as a school but burnt down in 1984. Site is now woodland.

Green Lane

London Bible College.

27 Syhran Moon. Wetherspoon's house festooned with attractive hanging baskets and Framed photos of old Northwood village decorate the walls inside

Kewferry Road

53-55 used in the TV Series The Good Life.

Maxwell Road

Northwood College 1893.

Northwood Grange, Elizabethan, fifteenth century, site of grange in. timber frame, flint setts

Rickmansworth Road

Holy Trinity .1854 plain Teulon  - almost humdrum.  Financed by a Grosvenor.  Tombs of the Ebury family.  Tomb of Russian ambassador with a big cross of Siberian jasper.  Stained glass windows for Teulon made locally by Popwells.

Church school being rebuilt

Grange. Manorial grange here in 1248 and may be on the same site. 15th plus 1600 additions


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