Thames Tributary - Watercress & Honeypot streams going to the Darent. Greatness

Darent Tributary –Watercress Stream
The Watercress stream flows north west towards the Darent

Darent Tributary Honeypot Stream
Runs west parallel to the railway and then turns north west. It is joined by another tributary from the north

Post to the north Otford
Post to the west Dunton Green
Post to the east Child's Bridge
Post to the south Greatness - Bat and Ball

Farm Road
Greatness Farm. Once owned by Woods of Crockenhill, fruit growers. Aggregate site owned by Tarmac. Vast great quarr
ying site
Sevenoaks Brickworks. Greatness Brickworks, SSSI.
Brickworks cottagesClay Pit

Moors Road
The Moors
Ambulance Station
Watercress Bed

Watercress Stream
Has a population of crayfish

Vestry Road
Vestry Industrial Estate
Connections Industrial Estate


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