Shuttle - flowing to the Cray. Blackfen

River Shuttle, tributary to the Cray, which is a tributary to Darent, itself a Thames Tributary
The Shuttle flows towards the Cray in an easterly direction but also turns slightly south.
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Residential area of mainly interwar speculative housing to the east of Eltham. Very depressing

Post to the west Avery Hill
Post to the south Halfway Street

Berwick Crescent
Shuttle. Bank side plants include hawthorn, willow and alder.

Area of marshy ground which floods easily. Black Fenn Farm mentioned in 17th.

Blackfen Road
“This thoroughfare is lined for a considerable distance on both sides by a depressing ribbon growth of newly erected houses and cheap bungalows” Several of Blackfen's new streets were developed as self-build properties.
Church of the Good Shepherd. A small church of 1965, with a multi-angled copper dome atop a red brick base. Used as a hall with the church only a small section of the building.
77/79 a pair c1905, they were originally farm workers cottages for Westwood Farm.
Jolly Fenman, built in the 1950s byWatneys athough they had had the site since 1937. Had a small on site brewery for a while, The Fenman was refurbished in February 2006

Boundary Road

Days Lane
Days Lane was a cart track crossed by a stream in a ditch, with a pond at the Blackfen end near Queenswood.
Days Lane Primary School

Holbeach Gardens
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School.

Parish Wood
The name presumably refers to the old Parish Boundary which closely the same line as that of the present Borough which is marked by a fence. The Park was once all wooded. Underfoot the Park is often damp, so alders grow well.
River Shuttle. Trees along the bank are mainly crack willows, so called because of the brittleness of their twigs. This is a native species, present since the Ice Age.

Development by C.R.Leech built in the early 1930s and which featured semi-detached three-bedroomed houses offered freehold for £675
Tributary to the Shuttle from the north. Joining it near Caithness gardens.

Barr-Hamilton and Reilly. Country to Suburb
Bexley Councill. Shuttle Riverway,
Church of the Good Shepherd. Web site
Field. London Place Names


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