Shuttle - flowing to the Cray. New Eltham

River Shuttle, tributary to the Cray, which is a tributary to Darent, itself a Thames Tributary
The Shuttle flows eastwards to the Cray
The Wincham Stream flows north

Post to the north Avery Hill
Post to the east Halfway Street
Post to the west New Eltham
Post to the south Footscray Road

Avery Hill Road
Avery Hill Fields is a network of sports grounds and playing fields, separated by trees and hedges some of them ancient. The river Shuttle flows through the Fields taking up a number of small streams and springs.
Southwood House. Late 18th house stuccoed and with later extensions. Col. North lived here while Avery Hill was being built. It became the Margaret Roper Hall of Residence.
Student accommodation blocks. three & four-storeys built 1914-16. White.
Southwood Lodge. Mid 19th
The Witch of Agnesi. In a lily-pond F.E. McWilliam 1962. Agnesi was a medieval woman mathematician.
Signpost. Fingerpost on a small green at the junction with Halfway Street.
Cambridge University Mission Sports Field.
Unilever Sports Ground.
Transport yard for PO vehicles was Grundoin's coaches and the front building used by the family. On this site was All Saints Pope Street Mission Hall. 1884 and also used by Church Army.
Metrogas Amateur Sports Association Ltd established in 1996
Gaelic Athletic Sports Ground
Stanley works. Instrument and tool makers. The factory was built in 1916 by George Heath, a Crayford based, maker of navigational instruments. In the 1920s Heath was taken over by Stanley’s - South Norwood based instrument making company. Thenceforth production was concentrated at New Eltham. In the Second World War production was intensified and more buildings were added. In 1945 V2 damaged a whole wing. During the 1940s and 1950s the company flourished and expanded developing and making a very wide range of instrumentation. The factory eventually closed in the 1990s.
V2 attack 16 February 1945 the rocket fell on open ground 130 yards rear of the Cambridge University Mission which was then occupied by No.37 Fire HO, .No casualties 9.53 am
Dickersons. building merchants and plant hire. Went to Norfolk in 1996 after 80 years in Eltham.
32 New Eltham Social Club on site of 2 houses

Beaverbank Road
Stone seat commemoration

Eastnor Road
Was called Merchland Road West and a bridge went to Merchland Cottages;
Avondale House. Leased from the Colynson Charity in 1892. Dog kennels kept by Col. North of Avery Hill.

Novar Road
Novar Hall was a shop; 1886, Christian Fellowship

Keightley Drive
Named after Henry Keightley who in 1520 left land to pay for road repairs;

Pope Street
Hamlet clustered round the cross roads at the top of Avery Hill Road. The hamlet lasted until the end of the 19th. But locally old fields and their boundaries survive in the local sports fields

Sparrows Lane
Charlton Athletic training ground
Sparrows Farm Leisure Centre

Wyncham Stream
Has passed under the railway line and towards Brookmeadow Road


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