Thames Tributary Darent - Darenth

Thames Tributary Darent
The easterly branch of the Darent continues to flow northwards
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Countryside with a long road going along hillside between settlements

Post to the north Darenth
Post to the west Sutton at Hone
Post to the south South Darenth

Roman Villa Road
Roman Villa. Remains first discovered in 1895 included several baths and it was speculated they were thoughtfully provided for pedestrian travellers on the nearby Roman road, Watling Street. Initial excavations revealed buildings and gardens which were the most extensive villa remains then discovered in Britain. An excavation in 1969 led to the discovery of a bath and a building, which appeared to be a fairly plain Romano-British villa. It was the centre of an important agricultural estate built in the middle of the 3rd with Facilities for off-loading, threshing, drying and storage of grain. The complex probably represents a country-house possibly owned by a rich and important member of the local community. This point to a dark age’s continuity of Romano British Kent. There is also a pagan burial in the area.

Archeologica Cantiana
Porteous. Dartford Country


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