Thames Tributary Darent - Shoreham

Thames Tributory Darent
The Darent continues to flow north and partly north east in a twisting route

Post to the north Castle Farm
Post to the south Shoreham

Stream diverges. Bricked remains of dams, built to allow water to flood the meadow and lead it back.
Water Board plantation..

Eynsford Road
Preston Farm.Oasts
Preston Farm Cottages
The Summer House

Mill Lane
The Godstone Spring – on the west bank of the river – has ancient Druidic associations.
Shoreham Mill House 18th an the last of a succession of buildings here sine Anglo Saxon times. Corn mill here at Domesday and this was a paper mill in the 1690s and remained in operation until 1926. the Mill House is listed grade II.and is white weatherboarding with white painted brickwork. The Kent peg tiled roofs has gable dormer windows, windows. The mill was house converted in 1971
Shoreham Mill. site of a fulling mill belonging to Palsters Manor. It was bought by the Passele family in the 14th. John Polhill bought the mill in 1602. The last mill on the site was a paper mill; demolished in 1936, The low breast shot waterwheel was 16feet by 8feet It drove machinery via a layshaft driven from the spur geared pitwheel. The mill was demolished in the 1930s. The paper mill had been run for over 200 years by the Wilmot family who specialised in ledgers.. The Victorian paper mill was a substantial building straddling the river plus an engine house. The bricks and tiles reused in Tileman’s Field at Farningham.
Roman bath house remains found near the mill


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