Thames Tributary Darent - Shoreham

Thames Tributary Darent
The Darent continues turning to flow slightly north east.

Post to the west Filston
Post to the north Shoreham
Post to the south Otford

Darent Valley
The area between the two sections of the golf course makes for a good view of the gap cut by the Darent through the downs. But when the climate was wetter, and before the Medway took the Darent’s headwaters, the river must have been much wider covering the valley sides and working its way deep into the chalk. To the north the rock has been more resistant and contained then river closely.

Shoreham Upper Mill. - White-painted, charming and many-windowed, once a corn mill and lastly a sawmill - - the mill is now a residence. Beside it, the deep water cascades into a pool. This was a corn mill Originally powered by an internal breast shot waterwheel of some 14 feet by 6feet driving one pair of French Burr millstones and one pair of Peak millstones. The great spur wheel was a cast iron wheel with wooden cogs. The waterwheel had been replaced by a turbine which drove the millstones via a great spur wheel

Golf Course
Darent Valley Golf course founded in 1973
An old hedge topped boundary bank you walk beside through the golf course. This is a relic of medieval farming marking the land boundaries


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