Thames Tributary, Darent - Otford

Thames Tributary Darent
The Darent flows north east and is joined from the east by the Watercress Stream and the Honeypot Stream. Further on it is joined by the Bubblestone

Darent Tributary Honeypot Stream
The stream flows westwards to join the Darent

Darent Tributary Bubblestone Stream
The stream flows west to join the Darent. flows beneath our Secvenoaks /road just past a petrol station, joining the Darent across the fields via a culvert under a millstream separating just there from the river

Post to the north Otford
Post to the east Otford
Post to the south Dunton Green

Rye Lane
ancient meandering lane which led to medieval Rye House. Part of a scheme to promote smallholdings c1900.

The Charne
Possible that this was the original site of Otford.Former Roman site raised above the flood meadows. There was a compound with a hut in a corner – perhaps for a guard.
Anglo-Saxon cremation urns have been discovered here Plus some Christian burials dating it to 650-750.
evidence of Roman agriculture. 2nd wooden cattle shed found.
Housing built jointly between Sevenoaks Rural District Council and MOD for Fort Halstead staff in the 1940s and '50s. There is a green and bungalows were added in the 1960s


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