Shuttle - tributory to Cray and Darent. Blendon

River Shuttle, tributary to the Cray, which is a tributary to Darent, itself a Thames Tributary
The Shuttle continues to flow generally eastwards towards the Cray.
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Suburban roads with 1930s housing around older country houses. Direst Bexley

Post to the west Lamorbey
Post to the east Brigden
Post to the south Albany Park

The Avenue,
A footway down the centre, flanked by an avenue of lime trees, used to lead to Blendon Hall.

Balindon Road
23a The Bailiffs House. between 23 & 25. the section with barge boarded porch was the original house built c1855 for the Blendon Estate;

Cottage Field Close
Terraced houses like Old Forge Way but built 1977-8. upper floors tile-hung, weather boarded or half-timbered, the ground floors are red brick.

Hurst Road
The old hamlet was called Hurst, and recorded in 1690 and on the Ordnance Survey map of 1805. from Old English for a 'wooded hill'.
Hurst Place Community Centre. Classical villa, front part c1770, with earlier cellars. Additions c1860 of a porch, and a rear extension. bought by Bexley Borough Council in 1946 and used as a community centre from 1955.
189 The Lodge, entrance to Lamorbey Park is c1860 but altered jettied half-timbered upper floor with gables and bargeboards.
Montrose Club. once known as Abbeyhill. stuccoed building c1830, with later extensions. From 1862 to 1904 it was the vicarage for Lamorbey Chapel and then Holy Trinity Church.

Montrose Park Estate
Built by New Ideal Homesteads in the 1930s.

Penhill Road
Penhill Bridge. built 1917
Shuttle. water voles can be seen here - either swimming or feeding on water plants. evidence of their presence can be seen in the form of the closely-cropped feeding areas and their burrows
Penhill Park. Sports grounds

Riverside Walk
Shuttle. Non-native trees occur in this section including invasive sycamore, and American red oak, horse chestnut and walnut found at the eastern end of the walk.

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