The London/Essex border - Brick kiln wood

Boundary London/Essex/Havering
The boundary goes south some way to the east of Cockhide, turns west for a short distance and then continues south. It crosses Green Lane going slightly south west and goes down the eastern side of Brick Kiln Wood. Half way down it turns sharp west at Running Water Brook.

Countryside area featuring a country park on the site of an old estate and some brickworks

Post to the north Dennises Lane
Post west to Belhuis
Post to the south Belhus Wood

Sites on the London, Havering, side of the border

Belhuis Wood Country Park
Brick Kiln Wood. Pockmarked with ponds formed from clay scrapes such as this one, testament to the industrial past of the area. The clay was extracted for brick making until the late 19th
Little Brick Kiln Wood
Eastern lake, recently created between two blocks of ancient woodland and used for angling. It supports reeds
The Southern Lake. recently created and supports a wetland community with golden and marsh docks water-crowfoot and water-speedwell
Northern Lake, recently created, supports willows

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