The London/Essex border - Aveley

Boundary London/Essex/Havering
Goes west along a path from Moor Hall, it drops round three sides of a rectangle, and continues west along the path.
Goes east along Sandy Lane as far as the eastern boundary of Hospital Shaw, turns south down the eastern boundary of Hospital Shaw and then west along its southern boundary, it goes slightly past the western boundary and then turns sharply south. It goes a distance directly south and then turns south-west towards the London Road.

Rural area to the east of Wennington with one road full of aggressive lorries looking for landfill sites.

Post to the west Wennington
Post to the north Bretts
Post to the south Thurrock

Sites on the Essex side of the border

Purfleet Road
Ponds Farm
Easter Farm

Sandy Lane/Mill Lane
Most of the area is landfill
Aveley Sand and Gravel Pits, belonging to Halls, 1947. Many prehistoric finds there included: two hearths; pits; one saddle quern; a stone mortar; three whetstones, Also black pottery with cut marks on it, three swords and a spear some pieces of lead which were pierced in the middle and may have been loom weights

Sites on the London, Havering, side of the border

Hospital Shaw
Sandy Lane Farm – landfill and methane equipment
Whitehouse cottage


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