London/Essex/Havering boundary Warwick Woods

Boundary London/Essex/Havering
The boundary comes south down the eastern boundary of Warwick Wood but half way turns sharply north north west going across the wood almost as far as Warwick Lane. It then turns sharply south west and goes down, and past, the boundary of the wood. It goes as far as the Common Watercourse and then turns east to follow it. After a while it turns south west in a kink, and then back south east for a while before turning again back on itself south west and going west for some distance. It then turns sharply south east again going towards a piece of woodland

Post to the south Bretts
Post to the north Gerpins
Post to the east Belhuis Park

Sites on the Essex side of the boundary

Common watercourse
The watercourse had wet tall herb fen and branched bur-reed and other wet land plants.
Williams Fishing Lane – gravel pit
Old gravel workings, with steep banks with scrub and tall herbs. The lake margins have some small stands of great reed and there is a small area of dense scrub of oak, hawthorn), osier and willow occurs at the south end of the lake. The site supports water voles and birds.

Warwick Lane
Cely Woods. Forestry Commission. Meadows and wetland. Wooden bridge. Cely family owned land locally and woods named for them. An area of open woodland is dominated by a line of willows with ground flora of false brome ivy and lords-and-ladies. A felled area close to the watercourse is open, with rush and abundant dock. There is a line of large ash with oak plus elder, hazel, hawthorn, and rose. There is also abundant bramble nettle and couch grass. The ash trees include numerous woodpecker holes.Warwick Woods. Ancient woodland managed as part of the country park. Wildlife site.


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