Thames Tributary – tributary to the River Roding - Flux's Lane

Thames Tributary – tributary to the River Roding
The tributary flows eastwards

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Post to the west Great Gregories
Post to the east Hobbs Cross Road
Post to the south Blunts Farm
Post to the north Epping Bower Hill

Brook Road
The tributary stream runs parallel and south of the road.

Flux’s Lane
Named after a 19th owner of Coopersale Hall.
Coopersale Hall. The present house is 18th and it was painted by Pissaro in the 1890s. It was later owned by Lyle of Tate and Lyle who was also a local MP. In the Second World War it was an officers’ convalescent home. It has since become yet another private school “prep” school, this one founded in 1989 and owned by the Haggar family.
1st Theydon Garnon Scout Hut. Brookfield. This is an ex army hut bought in the 1960s in an auction and erected here by parents
Gardners Farm
Epping Golf Club, founded in the 1950s by Charles Sjoberg

Little Thornhall. Farm on the site of a medieval manor house.

Junction 27 with M11 Junction 6. This section of the M11 was built in 1977. The M25 between 1979 and 1982


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