Thames Tributary Cripsey Brookn- Bilsdens

Thames Tributary Cripsey Brook
Two tributaries to Cripsey Brook meet here and flow eastwards towards it, they are also joined by another tributary from the south west.

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Countryside area along the main road from Harlow to Chelmsford

Post to the east Shelley
Post to the west Blake Hall Road
Post to the south Greensted

Epping Road
Bilsdens Farmhouse. This is a house which has had several builds and has now a complex layout. At the back is a structure from the 15th with an 18th brick clad front. This older part was probably some of an original Manor House which was timber framed and plastered. There is an 18th date recorded on one of the chimneys. Barn from the 16th used as a cowshed. It is timber framed and weather boarded. Brick stable from the 18th which has the original boarded stands for 6 cart horses
Pickle’s Gardens. Wood made up of oak, ash, hornbeam and field maple coppice. There are also elms and a lot of hawthorn. There are some coppiced wild service-trees

Stony Lane
Blake Hall Lodge. 19th brick cottage. On it is a circular brick plaque saying ‘CC’ which refers to Capel Cure, the 19th owners of Blake Hall

British Listed Buildings
Pevsner and Cherry. Essex


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