Thames Tributary Cripsey Brook - Greensted

Thames Tributary Cripsey Brook
The brook continues to flow east towards the River Roding.

Post to the north Greensted 
Post to the west Greensted Green
Post to the south Mutton Row

Greenstead Road

St.Andrew. This is the last remaining shrine of a Saxon saints, St Edmund, king of the East Saxons, killed by the Danes in 870. His body is said to have rested here in 1013 before reaching at Bury St Edmunds, where he remains. This is the only Saxon wooden church in the country – and it is probably the oldest wooden church in the world, and probably replaces a still earlier one. The nave is Saxon part, with walls made of oak split and stood vertically with the round side outwards, and was originally dated to 843 –it is now thought to have been rebuilt by a new Lord following the Norman Conquest. In 1848 rotting sections near the ground were cut and replaced by a low brick wall. The red brick chancel was rebuilt on Norman footings in 1500. The white wood-panelled tower is 17th, or earlier, and contains a bells inscribed "William Land made me 1618".

Mutton Row
Drill House . This is an old pub now a private house
Repentence cottage - 17th timber framed house
Drapers Corner


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